Hola! My name is Mei from the sunny and isolated country Australia. Coming from a Malaysian-Chinese background and being raised in Perth (and then moving to Melbourne) has given me an interesting story to say the least (which I will eventually write about).

Like many others, I’ve had a burning desire to travel the world or to live abroad but I’ve never actually properly traveled on my own. It’s only been due to a series of unfortunate (and fortunate) events which has lead me to have a light-bulb moment of “now is my time to travel”.  After going on my first solo trip to India, I’ve come back both inspired to travel more and to write about my travels.

I want to share my tips, stories and experiences with you to provide insight on what it’s like to travel to India as a solo female traveler. India is a country unlike anything I’ve seen before. The way the people interact with each other, the way the traffic moves, the way you buy things, the way you eat, the way you get around, etc… It’s truly another world. In a lot of ways, I see India as a big puzzle that you have to invest a lot of time in figuring out to get the best out of the place.

Eventually, once I travel more, I will share my stories and tips from my other travels with the hopes of providing useful information to whomever chooses to read 🙂

An extract from blog #1: I was born in Malaysia, brought up in a Chinese family household, and I have lived in Australia my entire life. Today I am 31. I have lived a rather stock-standard life in terms of studying, working, saving, dating and going on the occasional holiday here and there. I’ve always dreamed of living abroad and seeing the world since I was 16. But that dream never really has become a reality until recently.

My dream surfaced when I was 20 and went on a trip to China for two weeks for university (to assist students learn English). I had the most amazing time and bonded with a great group of people…It taught me that I absolutely love going to countries where the culture is completely different and the place has so much to offer you in terms of what you can learn just from being in a place. I came back inspired to travel.”

Click on the link below to read my blog about me starting my journey:DSC_2485
My Journey Begins. I begin to live my dreams

I’ve also written my latest blog on preparing a trip to India as a solo female traveler if you need some tips or insight into how to travel to and throughout India 🙂

Stay tuned for more!