India diary entry #1 14 February 2018 – The start of my journey

Hola! If you’ve read some of my blog already, thanks for coming here. You will notice that this blog repeats a lot of it but it’s all part of the fun (kidding). I wrote some journal entries during my travels and reading back, I always find it so interesting to see what was going on through my mind at the time. Soooooooooo…yes I repeat myself, but only because I am writing word for word from my journal entry 🙂

If your heart so desires to read, enjoy!

The Start of my Journey – 14 February 2018

Today marks the 1st day of a new year for me. I know most people’s new year starts on 1st January but not for me this year.

Right now I’m sitting on a budget AirAsia plane (which isn’t too bad I might add – not as bad as I anticipated). I’m on my way to Ipoh in Malaysia to see the family I haven’t seen in about 7 years. I neglected to go previously, partly because I made excuses, but mainly because I was focusing on my life – my move to Melbourne, my studies in law, my breakup with my ex-boyfriend and trip to Europe.

Last year I had a light bulb moment to save, work hard and travel the world for 2-3 years. This has definitely changed because I got a job unexpectedly and my contract ended last Friday. So since my contract wasn’t being renewed I decided f*** it – let’s go to Malaysia and see the fam. Grandma isn’t getting any younger. In fact, she’s getting really old.

And then I got invited to a wedding in India last year when I met Surbhi whilst studying at University of Melbourne – someone I truly connected with – the type of friendship I’d been longing for in Melbourne. So of course I promised to go if I had the right opportunity.

That’s what led me to being on this plane, on seat 28F of this plane.

My decision to go to Malaysia and no job holding me back also lead me to go f*** it – Malaysia and India are so close – why not!?!?

Initially I was going to go home to Perth to visit and surprise my beloved friends but after researching India – I realised I wanted to actually make a trip of it.

I’m not going to lie – the more I researched, the more I thought f*** – can I really do this?

It’s my first ever true solo trip in a third-world country – something I’ve always wanted to do, but never truly had the courage to do and I’m finally doing it.

So how do I feel right now? Certainly more educated about India lol (I realised I knew nothing about the culture after researching)

But in truth, I am still sh*t scared but equally excited. 

I know but have no idea what to expect. I’ve taken the leap against the convenience of a tour and opted to make the tour myself. I just have no idea how I will feel when I get there, while I’m there, and who I will be when I return.

As scary as it is, I’m anticipating coming back to Australia reborn and renewed – with a new set of eyes.

I seek and get the most reward from culture shock and I trust that India will definitely live up to at least that expectation.

Stay tuned for more during my journey 🙂

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