3 jan 2019 – the strangest start to the year

It’s the new year – currently sitting in a hospital in rio das ostras. I just got an xray done to check my hip is ok. Knowing my luck my insurance won’t cover it and it will just feel like I’ve wasted my day and a whole bunch of money. I have a feeling they’re going to charge me a fortune. I can’t help but feel anxious. But it’s better knowing about your health right? I probably should have checked it as soon as I became injured but it healed fine and it’s not really causing me much pain.

Coming to and waiting at the hospital was definitely an experience. The waiting room barely has any seats. It’s overly crowded and the referral system seems very relaxed. The guys that did my xray seemed to work without any sense of urgency. It was really strange for me.

They don’t seem to segregate the different treatment areas. I’ve seen a few badly injured people and someone who looked like they were in a coma. I’m waiting for the orthopedist and there is a guy there who can’t stop crying aloud.

It’s definitely not a pleasant experience. I’m just thankful I’m not here because of an emergency.

I hope I don’t have to wait for too long. I have a feeling that it will be dinner time by the time I leave. I plan to cook but I’m not sure if time is on my side. If it’s too dark by the time I leave, I don’t think it’s wise to walk back. It doesn’t feel safe enough to do so.

I just have to go with the flow. That’s all I can do.


I started my first shift today. The boss /host was kind enough to let me go to the hospital on my first day.

What can I say about this experience so far?

As soon as I stepped in, there was a pool, open bar and locals dancing, drinking and swimming. The house itself almost had some sort of a Mediterranean feel to it. I felt like I walked into a Latin American mini ranch/mansion which I’ve only seen on tv. Wow

I arrived pretty late last night so all we did was drink and get to know the bosa and his friend. He welcomed me with beer and food.

They were the only ones who could speak English.

For some reason I thought this would be a hostel with more foreign tourists. Woops. I didn’t really research into this gig very well. Oh well. Should be an interesting experience.

Day 1

I barely slept the night before but motivated myself to get up. The sun was glaring.

When I stepped out, the boss and another lady was already up preparing the place. I could finally see the place during the day and wow… It looked even more beautiful… But there was a different feel to the place than last night.

It was kind of… Hectic.

I started off helping to sweep the bar… Then I sat and spoke to a family which was staying there. We could barely communicate but we ended up speaking a bit of Spanish together and using Google translate.

They were rushing around cleaning up the place and preparing breakfast (a very generous one). I couldn’t believe how much they provided to their guests – there was bread, cheese, cereal, delicious coffee, watermelon, cookies, cake and acai drink. Then to top it off, people could order fresh tapioca or scrambled eggs which we had to cook fresh.

Nobody could speak English.


The boss told me that I might have to do all of this on my own sometimes… Wow! Makes me nervous, especially if I can’t speak Portuguese.

I felt like giving up because but I know I have to give this a try… After all, these are the sorts of experiences I gain the most from. You tend to get a better insight into the local life and the culture.

Only time will tell how this experience will unfold.

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