13 January 2019 – the power of having time to think         

I remember before leaving to go on my trip to India and speaking to a stranger – he expressed how much he loved being on transport while traveling.

“You get to just sit and think like a child ~ with no phone, laptop, or other thing to distract you. It’s something you only do when you’re bored as a kid and it’s taken away from you when you turn into an adult”

I didn’t quite agree with his statement at the time (because of our obsession with technology and social media) but ever since I’ve been on this trip, I’ve completely come to understand what he means…and quite frankly, I agree. Even with the existence of social media and technology, when I’m sitting on any bus, train, car or plane for long enough, I get over looking at the screen of my phone or computer and just wanting to stare out the window, admire what’s outside and think to myself.

Thinking is a beautiful thing which we take for granted.

If I wasn’t feeling so car sick yesterday, I would have fully enjoyed the gift of thought yesterday as well.

But what went through my mind when I was in that car?

Fuck…to be honest…I can’t actually remember.

I just remember being lost in my thoughts and loving it.

And then today, I lied down and stared at the branches of a tree…and my mind went into overdrive (it seriously doesn’t stop). I paused and took the time to reflect on life and came to realise something.

It was magical.

I realised that I am “in the zone” right now.

I’ve been crazily battling with my lack of motivation to go out and explore A LOT in the past few weeks and calling myself lazy but the truth is, I’m simply enjoying doing nothing in my spare time (ok I have been watching a lot of Netflix lately, I’m not going to lie).

When I lied down to stare at that tree, lost in thought…I realised that I’ve taken the time to give myself time to think…

I even started getting nostalgic.

Do you remember when you were a kid and had all the time in the world to do whatever you wanted…without a single worry?

I certainly do…and I miss it (I can’t remember how many times I’ve said to my friends that I miss being a kid).

When I was a kid, having all this time meant that I did things like drawing, making up stories in my head and, of course, writing!

I can’t say I’ve had this feeling since being a kid and it’s wonderful. I’ve been more inspired to write than ever before. I don’t think I’ve written this much since I’ve been 14!

I’ve even started reading and doing research on blogging. Who would have thought that I’d be so productive from doing nothing?


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