The REAL ten-year challenge

I don’t normally write these sorts of posts, but someone wrote something on Facebook which made me reflect on my life over the past 10 years. It’s funny how your taste, priorities and interests change so much over time. I never used to eat vegetables as a kid. Now I eat vegetables more than anything else. 

Everyone’s been posting ‘before and after’ pictures of themselves from 10 years ago. The fad is becoming more annoying than Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song…but it’s here and we may as well embrace it…right?

I mean, I got suckered in too. I posted a picture of me and my friends from 10 years ago…reminiscing on everything I did during 2009…and it was a beautiful feeling (I love nostalgia…I mean who doesn’t).

So what did this mysterious Facebook person say?

Something along the lines of the ten-year challenge is fun but a reflection that our social media society has become so overly focused on appearances that we prioritise and value looks over anything else…so much that we rarely even look at the deeper stuff that actually determines who we are.

Quite frankly, I agree with him…and I think it’s really sad. I mean, why can’t there be a social platform which is focused on the important stuff? We all like looking good and receiving compliments but why can’t we focus more on beauty from the inside? If we did that I’m sure we’d inspire, challenge and motivate each other to be more productive rather than constantly taking pictures to showcase how awesome our lives are just to get more likes and followers.

My REAL “ten-year challenge”

Who was I ten years ago?

Me and my bestie…ten years ago

On the outside, I looked younger, more innocent, had bigger boobs, darker eyebrows and dyed hair. I had a baby face and lots of baby fat.

I was enjoying being single after recovering from the breakup from my first ex-boyfriend who never let me spend time alone with my friends, drink with them or go clubbing with them.

My priority back then was two things: beach and party

I loved going to the beach all the time, tanning, partying every weekend (we’d hit the clubs and get as drunk as possible, dancing until the sun came up) and going to every festival I could.

I was at uni at the time….always studying so hard at the very last minute because I dedicated most of my spare time to partying (and boys). There were so many times I’d cry because I couldn’t handle the pressure of cramming in a semseter’s worth of work in a few days. I even failed a subject because I didn’t study for the exam or mid-semester test.

Back then, my diet consisted of KFC, McDonalds and vanilla lattes. I was a severe sweet tooth…always helping myself to cakes and pastries.

I only worked in retail and hospitality at the time.


What’s happened over the last 10 years?

A very recent picture of me volunteering in an eco-village in Thailand this year

I graduated from my marketing degree and decided to study law. So in the end I got two degrees, an office job, tried being a freelance photographer and started working in the legal industry. I also got experience working in a fancy restaurant…something I NEVER thought I’d do.

I met the supposed “love of my life” and got stuck in a long-term relationship with him, went through many heartbreaks, became cynical of men, became a foodie, went on a real health kick with my ex-boyfriend which taught me a lot about food, lost a lot of weight, went on a trip to Japan which fashion-inspired me and moved out of home properly for the first time.

I REALLY moved out of home…to another state, starting a new life in another city…where I made friends from all over the globe (Melbourne is more international).

After Japan, I became obsessed with false lashes and going shopping for a new outfit all the time. My life became consumed with online shopping.

After I decided to study law, my desire to succeed in law consumed me (it was my ONLY priority)…

More recently…I dealt with a heartbreaking separation from that long…seven year relationship. I experienced a breakup while I was living my “dream” of traveling Europe and living abroad. It’s been hard…but I did eventually find myself again and have learnt so much about myself and others.

I experienced severe loneliness…but slowly and surely am overcoming it ~ I’m beginning to embrace being alone and enjoying my own company now when previously, I was extremely dependent on others. I needed them to feel content.

Now, I am more than happy to go for a walk, dine, do an activity by myself. I mean, I’m so comfortable with it that I’m traveling by myself.

I did my first solo trip to India…which changed EVERYTHING. It gave me so much confidence and made me realise how beautiful the world is…and how much I love adventure. It also inspired me to start writing about India…which reignited my passion to write.

I also started learning Spanish, salsa dancing, volunteering, regularly running and embracing meal prep.

My diet now consists of black coffee, salads and lots of fruit…but I am still a sweet tooth (my biggest weakness).

Somewhere along the line, buying new clothes and shopping lost its appeal to me.

So there you have it ~ a brief summary of the last 10 years of my life (it’s so hard to sum everything up in a few words).


My obsession with social media

Admittedly, I spend A LOT of time on social media but my purpose of using it is a little more than just to get likes…

I’m using social media to build a following for my blog.

After starting my blog and going on my journey to travel the world, I’ve realised that I absolutely LOVE writing. I mean, I can’t stop thinking about writing and whenever I get a moment to breathe, all I want to do is write. I’d happily spend 8 hours or more in a day to write.

I’m not going to lie, I hope to eventually make money from my blog so I can continue to live my dream of traveling the world because I’ve also come to realise that the thought of working in an office for 8-12 hours in a day makes me feel a little bit gross.

Sadly, I feel that my dream is a double-edged sword because it seems like you can only make money on the internet through advertising…

I don’t want to sell out. I don’t want to promote things I’m not interested in. I’m not interested in creating a “fake” Instagram or Facebook profile where I’m “enjoying” a product someone has paid me to enjoy.

The main purpose of me starting my blog in the first place was to share valuable information and it’s still the main reason for my blog today…

I’ve always been passionate about sharing information (I enjoy it a lot because I guess it’s a form of helping others).

I want to focus on providing realism ~ real stories, real people, real experiences. I want to provide my readers with the good and the bad…

And I hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog…hopefully for many years to come.



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