Day 1 – When the real quarantine began

If you read my last blog, you’ll know that I scrambled home after hearing that Perth would close its borders for domestic flights. You’ll also remember that I caught the most nerve-wracking flight in my life (I’m not usually scared of flying but I guess social media has gotten the better of me this time).

After 3.5 long hours, we finally landed and I was able to catch an Uber to my friend “Flemi’s” place. I was so lucky that my luggage came out straight away because after being on that flight within such close proximity to people, I didn’t want to be around anyone for any longer.

I was still wearing my mask and gloves even when I was waiting for my driver outside the airport.

He was nice enough to come out of his car to offer to put my luggage into the boot for me, but I insisted to do it myself because I didn’t want to put him at risk in case someone with the virus had touched my luggage (paranoia much?)

I sat in the back, used the driver’s hand sanitizer and chat with the him about the only thing that people are talking about in today’s world.


Arriving to my quarantine-home

It was already 12.30AM (3.30AM Melbourne time) by the time I arrived. I was so tired especially after dozing off several times on the plane.

I waited at the front gate and sent my friend a message:

Me: “Hey lovely, I’m here”

Flemi: “I’ll be a few minutes.”

The wait felt like forever maybe because I was so exhausted but eventually she did come down.

We spared our hugs, hellos and kept a distance from each other. And instead of talking about life and catching up, we got straight to the point…

She gave me some brief information on what I needed to know to settle comfortably into her apartment.

It felt so hot around my face, I had to take my mask off while she was talking to me.

Me: “Oh my god it feels so good to take this mask off.” (let’s just say it was not comfortable to sit on the plane breathing into a mask)

Flemi: “The key’s in the apartment. I’ve left you a whole bunch of notes as well.”

Me: “Thank you.”

When I finally got up the stairs with all my things, I threw away my gloves and went straight to the bathroom. I squeezed some liquid out of a dispenser and washed my hands, though it didn’t feel like my hands were getting cleaned (I realised later that I washed my hands with moisturiser instead of hand-wash).

Next task: sanitise my stuff

There was a cleaning bottle on the kitchen bench ~ I grabbed it, found a tissue in my bag and cleaned the handles of my luggage case, then I went for the door handles and lastly, my phone.

I could (almost) finally relax…but I still needed to have shower and put aside my clothes to be washed later.

But then my stomach started telling me it was hungry…at around 2am!

I quickly made some food with the first things I could see, and then had a looonng shower,  trying disinfecting everything which could have come in contact with my body.

Once I finished having my shower, I could finally get that rest I so well needed…

It was about 6AM Melbourne time by the time I went to bed.

When I woke up. I felt dead, like I was hungover. To top things off, my throat was the tiniest bit sore.

Great…what if I got coronavirus? (it’s hard not to be paranoid these days).

Maybe I feel this way simply because I’m just so exhausted.

All I could do was wait to see if I would start coughing. Only time would reveal if I caught the virus.

I wanted to do everything I planned to do before I came home ~ because I declared that I’d make the most of the self-isolating situation. The plan was to be as productive as possible. I planned to re-learn guitar again, practice and learn more dance moves, focus on my writing, do a lot of reading, cooking and take the opportunity to be as healthy as possible and to exercise…

That was the plan anyway…but because I felt like I’d been hit by a truck, the last thing I could think of doing was any of that. I’m pretty sure that my body was telling me to rest after all the traveling and running around.

Instead of pushing myself to do it like I usually do, I actually decided to listen to my body this time ~ all I ended up doing was vegging around all day and eating like a pig, ending my night with lots of Netflix until I passed out.

And that was the end of my first day of Quarantine.

I know it’s not the most exciting document but I think it’s as exciting as quarantining can get. We’re basically all in the same boat where we’re ‘stuck’ in the one place and having to find things to do to occupy ourselves. I’m curious what others around the world are doing to keep themselves occupied and to pass the time? Are more people seeing this as a negative or positive thing? Is everyone choosing to make the most of their time to do things for themselves? Is anyone getting severe cabin fever?

I’d love to know what you’re up to on the other side of the world and how you’re feeling ~ please share in the comments 😊

Peace and love




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