Day 2 – Adapting to my temporary home away from home

Image source (Instagram): Portrait Page; nikkmartin

My blog for my journey here was pretty exciting because it was the start of something new with a few dramas here and there. Sadly, I can’t say the same for day 2. But as I’ve said before, I haven’t written this blog series primarily for entertainment purposes. I’ve written it to document this particular part of my life ~ my Covid-19 journey from beginning to end…with a little window into each day of my self-isolation.

I see it all over my social media ~ what people are doing to deal with quarantine…but for some reason, I still can’t help but wonder what everyone else is doing to keep themselves busy.

Now, apart from this blog-series giving me something to do to keep me sane, one of the main reasons for starting this blog, my key motivation and inspiration was my curiosity for what everyone else was doing to keep themselves busy (and slight desire to give people something to do at the same time). I know it’s all over people’s social media but I still wonder all the time ~ especially when I think about my loved ones or start people watching from my temporary apartment.

I’m not sure about you for some reason but I find it super interesting to hear about what people are doing to occupy themselves…or even to hear people complain about how much they’re struggling with this new experience. Without sounding sadistic, I enjoy it because it reminds me that I am not alone here (well technically I am lol but what I mean is that I’m not alone in this situation ~ I’m sure I don’t have to explain what I mean).

Another reason for me writing this blog is because I realise that my travels blessed me with the ability to be bored and to deal with ‘isolation’. I learnt how to keep myself sane and occupied in situations where I’d be stuck in some small and confined space for hours on end. I can only hope that what I’m doing positively inspires others to use these moments to be productive and make most of the situation ~ doing all the things which you never had time to do before.

I learnt on my travels that being bored is amazing because it inspires your creative side to come out and through that, you become motivated in the most unexpected ways.

Hopefully some of my writing triggers something in you too (at the very least makes you feel like you’re not alone in this) ~ enjoy!


The second day of quarantine: 25 March 2020

After a day of exhaustion, lazing and feeling sorry and concerned for myself, I managed to sleep in quite a bit ~ for about 9 hours or something! I’ve rarely ever slept in that much in my entire life so I was super happy about it.

I noticed that I already felt so much better than yesterday. And the pain in my throat had mostly gone away as well. Yay!!! I probably didn’t have coronavirus. Woo!!!

How did I start my day?

To be honest, I didn’t feel like doing much but decided to write a to-do list to get myself motivated and moving… even before having breakfast.

I made coffee and breakfast with the ingredients I had (I usually have oats with a whole bunch of superfoods, nuts, coconut yoghurt, blueberries, banana and mango). But my friend Flemi couldn’t find mango when she did my grocery shopping for me. It made me sorely miss mangoes even more.

In addition to all the books Flemi has in her apartment, I also brought and borrowed enough books to keep me occupied. But there was one particular book that I was determined to prioritise and finish first. It’s called Reinventing Your Life.

It’s a very interesting and book I find extremely relatable…but it’s taken me too long to get through even ¼ because there’s some difficult exercises the authors need you to do before you can continue reading on. While I was setting myself up in Victoria, reading that book and doing those exercises became the last on my priorities.

Now that I’ve got all the time in the world, I’ve decided to relish this opportunity to finish the book…so that’s what I did for the first part of my morning~ I continued doing those darn exercises in that book…only for a very small while. Because while doing them I was reminded at how heavy and difficult the exercises were.

I can continue later…

Another thing I’d promised myself was that I would exercise ~ I would get as fit and healthy as possible.

That was the next thing I set out to do.

I downloaded two Youtube videos ~ one with a pilates workout and a dance exercise workout. I spent a good hour doing them. I felt good afterwards and like I deserved to eat lunch. I decided to cook something special (because it kills a lot of time and saves you time later when you can’t be bothered cooking something). I made mushroom and bean ‘meat’ patties with a pretty uneventful salad.

It wasn’t bad but I went overboard eating 4 patties that it made me so full that I ended up skipping dinner.

After having a shower, washing the dishes (sneakily having a chocolate snack along the way), and posting some stuff on Instagram, I decided to go for a little walk. Before leaving, I put on a mask and then kept my distance from anyone who walked past me. It felt weird being the only person with a mask on.

It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining brightly (oh how I missed Perth weather in cloudy and cold Victoria)…but (almost) everything was shut. It certainly felt like a bit of a ghost town (Flemi’s place is almost in the heart of a trendy neighbourhood close to the city with lots of cafes and restaurants).

When I got back, I tried finding a way to get into the apartment complex but couldn’t figure it out. None of the keys or the fob seemed to work.

Great…now what???

Nobody was around either to help me get in.


I stood at one of the side entrances for a while inspecting the gate:

Surely I could fit through the gate

There’s no harm in trying right?

I didn’t really care if anyone saw me and really couldn’t be bothered waiting for god knows how long until someone came. I conspicuously and suspiciously walked to the corner near a wall, put my hands on the top of an opening in the gate and slid my way through.

I made it…but my hands…they touched the gate!


All these thoughts went through my mind as I walked up the stairs towards the apartment.

Don’t touch your face, don’t touch ur face. Make sure you clean the door handle once you get in.

As soon as I got inside, I washed my hands, sprayed and sanitized the keys and door handles.


What next???

All I could think about was dancing. I decided to collect some songs on Spotify which I knew would make me want to move my body and started moving furniture around so that I had enough space to dance in front of the mirror.

I danced for a solid half hour…deserving another snack of course.

By the time I was done, I finished my night writing this blog and watched Netflix before passing out.


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