Day 3 & 4 – Let the boredom begin

I can’t say that Day 3 and 4 were nearly even remotely close to being as exciting as my previous days. Boredom was definitely starting to kick in and I had to decide how to make my day was going to be fun without leading myself to insanity.

Day 3

What did I do?

I set the intention to have a productive day ~ before or after breakfast, I usually sit away from my phone and write a list of things I’d like to do throughout the day. I believe that this is more important than ever while you’re self-isolating to keep yourself busy.

And guess what? I did end up having a very big productive day (go me!)

I ate my delicious nutritious breakfast and decided to finally work on writing a thank you and farewell e-mail for Lily and Leo (the beautiful Airbnb hosts which basically adopted me in Geelong and tried to help me find work). I really wanted to give them an update on my life and thank them for everything they did for me because I truly appreciated how open and willing they were to help me. I ended up sending them one of the most heartfelt e-mails I’d ever sent in my life.

This was the e-mail that I sent.

That took me at least a good half hour.

What next?

Plants, hermit crabs, blog ~ I watered the plants, made sure the hermit crabs were stocked up with food and water (yep my friend bought me hermit crabs to keep me company), and updated my WordPress subscription.

After that ~ exercise!

I did pilates, dancing, push-ups and even had time for yoga after.

But then…cookie cravings came straight after, which inspired me to make healthy oat cookies.

Next ~ more cooking!

I also roasted some vegetables to preserve at least some of them before they went off (I despise wasting food with a passion).

Then I worked on my blog for a couple of hours, finished writing one but then had trouble uploading it so I gave up and decided to save it for future Mei to deal with.

It was already getting pretty late by then (about 9-10)…it was time for Netflix already…and that’s exactly what I did to end my night (you’ll figure out by the end of this that I almost religiously end my night with Netflix).

And that, was the end of Day 3 ~ ok…after all, it may not seem like I did that much but when you break down each and every little thing I did, it’s enough to take up a whole day 😊


Day 4

Wow…last night was a struggle!

I had so much trouble sleeping last night because the room was like an oven – at least until I opened the door anyway and felt the slightest bit of cool air come in. Lately Perth had been like a hot stove with no sign of any breeze at all. Yep, it was only stale hot air floating around.

That led me to waking up feeling groggy and tired…and super unmotivated to do all the things I set out to do to during my ‘productive quarantine’.

Typically, when I’ve tried getting fit, I usually exercise first thing in the morning before eating breakfast…but I really couldn’t be bothered so I ended up just eating breakfast, having a coffee and writing instead.

After that, I went outside to get some fresh air for a little bit, bumping into my neighbour Max. He introduced himself to me and we started talking about you know what 😉 I told him I was in isolation and got back from Melbourne just before they shut the border. Somehow our discussion went onto coronavirus being a conspiracy. He truly believed it was introduced just to scare and control people. I couldn’t have disagreed with him more but I didn’t want to go into it. To me, it’s as bad as talking about politics, religion or climate change with anyone. The conversation somehow evolved into his belief of 9/11 being a conspiracy as well. I also couldn’t be bothered discussing it, but of course I politely dismissed the conversation.

We said our goodbyes and I went back inside the apartment.

I decided it was time to tackle uploading my blog again (because I had issues with it the night before). For some reason, all the problems I had before had just vanished away…just like that.

Yes! I could post my blog!

After doing that I did some yoga and made some salad. It did make me feel better but for some reason, I was still sorely unmotivated (probably because I didn’t sleep that well). I truly felt like having a lazy day but then worried about how it might spiral into more laziness.

At the time of writing this, I must admit I felt a little bit lost on what to do at that very moment ~ you know those moments when you’re bored and feel like you have nothing to do? And then you spiral into this useless and pointless cycle of thinking about things you shouldn’t?

I’m not going to lie, negativity was creeping in. I started thinking about wi-fi and how much my experience would be better if I had it. I started accepting the idea that life is hard without wi-fi (I lie…quarantine is hard without wi-fi lol)…it’s such a strange thought to have because during my travels, there were many times that I was in stuck in a place where I had little or no access to the internet at all and dealt with the situation just fine. And then there was the time I was a kid and the internet didn’t exist…but it’s hard to even think of living that life these days. Perhaps I didn’t struggle because I wasn’t restricted to being stuck between 4 walls. After all, this is the first time in my life that I’ve been confined to a small space for the span of 2 weeks…and it’s only day 4!

Will I really survive this???


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