Day 5 – Getting through the day

Hurrah! It’d been 5 days and there seems to be absolutely no sign of covid for me. Woo! That’s I still have some time to go…but this is something positive at least (I’m sure you remember how paranoid I was right?)

What did I do today???

Well, I woke up at 8.30AM and started my day with yoga and resistance exercises before having breakfast.

That took a whole 40 minutes of my day…

I had to follow that with a coffee and breakfast…oh, and writing of course ~ I documented my thoughts and wrote in my food journal.

To become a more conscious eater and to educate myself, I’ve decided through this experience that I’d document my meals because why not? I had the time to do it.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but on my first or second day, I downloaded an app called Cronometer which counts your calories, exercise and gives you this neat report of your macro and micro nutrients.


I know other apps like My Fitness Pal also do the same but I really like the way it shows you exactly which foods you’re getting the most nutrients from. It also tells you the benefits of each nutrient too. I’ve learnt that chia seeds, almonds and hemp seeds are super good for me and give me lots of almost everything! Basically I think the app is awesome (and kills a lot of time). I’m always down for learning and I’ve always been curious about nutrition…but when I usually do my own research, my brain gets overloaded with information and I forget which benefits each nutrient gives you or which food gives you what ~ you basically need a degree in nutrition to properly understand it.

Let me share my journal entry from that morning:

Day 5 Quarantine – Sat 28/3/20

I swear if it wasn’t for my love for writing, time would pass even slower. I’m finding that the days are getting even harder to be stuck in the confines of 4 very small apartment walls without a balcony. Let’s just say boredom is starting to kick in… 

Thank god there’s good natural light and airflow here because I think I’d go insane if there wasn’t. I think writing also helps with the fact that I don’t really have much interactions with people. I’m definitely getting lots of joy out f people watching right now. 

It’s been 5 days – still no sign of covid. 

It’s really interesting to experience this though cos it really shows how easily bored we get as humans and how much it kinda kills our souls. But you know what, people in prison and those stuck in asylum (I meant detention centers with indefinite durations) are in similar positions but worse. I’ve made complaints but nothing as extreme as ‘I’m going crazy’ or ‘I’m so bored’. I’m actually proud of myself – I think it’s cos I’ve accepted and surrendered to my situation & also because my travels have taught me how to pass time when stuck somewhere for hours (the most memorable were – 10 hour train, 26 hour bus, 35 hour bus). 


1.      I’m grateful for this DELICIOUS chocolatey coffee I’m drinking each morning

2.      I’m grateful for my journals & ability & love for writing

3.      I’m grateful that at least ONE person – beautiful J took up my gratefulness challenge

4.      I’m grateful for the return of my motivation to write and exercise.

5.      I’m grateful for my rainy-day fund. Although I had saved it for a completely different purpose which now cannot be fulfilled with that money – that money is allowing me to survive & live comfortably without the huge extra stress thousands of others would be facing right now


These were my intentions of the day:

After writing my life away, I made my delicious breakfast and even took a picture to show you (I was inspired to because I made a post on Facebook which asked girls around the world what they’re cooking while in isolation. All I can say that the response was amazing and as a food lover, I am loving all the pictures and recipes people are sharing with me).

It’s definitely given me some foodspiration ~ one of the biggest things which have been keeping me sane here (that and doing the dishes after cooking).

I spent quite a lot of time replying to the overwhelming response I got on the post, adding recipes to my recipe book along the way. Then I wrote a list of all the tasks I wanted to achieve in the day ~ setting my intentions (surprise, surprise).

I decided to go for a little walk…but still couldn’t figure out how to get back into the apartment block. It seems that my friend Flemi didn’t give me a key which would give me access to the building. As I was walking out, I crossed paths with some other residents and decided to ask them but they were just as clueless as I was.

When I got back, I ended up waiting at the front for a little bit to see if someone would walk past so I could plead for them to let me in…but nobody came so I ended up doing the same thing I did the first time ~ I crawled through the side gate again (thank god I’m small enough to fit through).

When I came back, I went through my thorough hand-washing ritual.

What next?

I suppose it was time for lunch since I could feel the slightest bit of hunger in my body.

This time it was just leftovers ~ the issue with bulk buying so much food combined with a hatred of wasting food is that you feel the need to keep cooking what you have before it goes off. And it seems like many of my vegetables were starting to become a little over-ripe…so I had lots of preserving and cooking to attend to.

The menu?

I had a mushroom patty with roast-vegie salad (sorry I don’t have any pictures to share).

Of course I was going to enter it into Cronometer (the app) when I was done 😉

I decided that now was the time for me to start learning Spanish again which led me to downloading Memrise again. I went on my computer, learnt some new words…until the grand event of the day finally came!

A home delivery from my parents

My beautiful and sweet parents drove all the way to me (it’s about a 30-minute drive) and brought me a box and bag of goodies with toilet paper, paper towels and a box of all the food I asked for. They even brought the guitar I borrowed from my friend

It was like Christmas!

The only hiccup was that I asked my dad for hand soap and they got me hand sanitizer instead (lol)…but he literally got me everything else, exactly how I wanted (love him!).

After storing everything away, I don’t know why but I started drawing…terribly – I’ve never been strong at it but oh well, it’s another project I’ll keep working on. I have to admit I gave up pretty quickly.

It was time to exercise:

  • 20 minutes pilates
  • 30 minutes dance exercise

I can’t remember what I did between then and dinner (perhaps an Instagram post and a few messages here and there) but I do remember making a soup with some more over-ripe vegetables.

During this incubation period, cooking has seriously become more cooking what’s about to go off first rather than cooking what I feel like.

While the soup was cooking, I received the most beautiful e-mail from Leo and Lily (I’ve blocked out or written over the e-mail for privacy reasons 😊)

My heart felt so warm. I couldn’t help but smile. I seriously can’t wait to see them again.

I finished my dinner ~ the meal was delicious and light…and then finished posting my other blog and writing this one (it’s now 7.47PM).

I’m going to turn off all electricity at 8.30pm for earth hour and read & write under candle light ~ yep, another quarantine experience because why not!?

And of course, I’m going to end my night with some more reading and Netflix.

I’ve already decided that I’m going to dedicate tomorrow to cleaning which hopefully will take up at least 3-4 hours of my day

I hope you enjoyed reading my detailed account of Day 5!

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