Day 6 Quarantine – my ‘lazy’ rest day

I declared with myself that Day 6 would be my rest day…so my to-do list was a lot smaller than usual because I permitted myself to have a lazy day.

The list went something along the lines of this:

  • Spanish classes
  • Draw – continue my project
  • Yoga
  • Clean apartment
  • Learn the lyrics of a song
  • Look for stretches you can do for your tense muscles
  • Read and write about lifetraps (I’m reading a self-help book at the moment on self sabotaging behaviour)
  • Write my blog – day 2 & 3
  • Relaxation bath (I’m sure you can read this one cos it’s in English lol)

But let’s see if I can cast my mind back and see what I actually ended up doing on Day 6.

(You’d think that with all the time I have in the world right now, it would be easy for me to remember and write a daily blog but it’s much harder than I anticipated ~ let’s face it, any daily commitment which requires a lot of effort unless it becomes extremely ingrained into your routine right?)

I’m not going to go through my day minute for minute, hour for hour, but let’s say that after eating breakfast and I wrote for a bit (seriously I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t love writing so much ~ it takes up so much of my time and I love it. It gives me time to reflect on how I feel and what I’m doing. It also helps me to be productive).

My diary entry of the day was this:

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of March. It’s definitely a March to remember for the rest of our lives. When the cafes slowly shut around us, people lost their jobs, flights got cancelled, borders slowly shut…and people got told to stay home.

Today will be a rest day (minus yoga). I’m just going to focus on cleaning, tidying and creative productivity.

I’ve started drawing (poorly) and reading this incredible book – it’s definitely one of the only books in my life so far I’ve struggled to put down.

I read it during earth hour last night and didn’t even realise how quickly the hour went.

I still have 8 days to go.
I can’t even tell if this is the longest week of my life but on the positive – it doesn’t feel like it.

The weirdest event of the day so far: finding a cute lizard when I tidied up.

Highlight so far à my awesome breakfast thanks to the home delivery of goodies from my parents – bless them


1.      I’m grateful for picking up that book last night

2.      I’m grateful there’s a Bluetooth speaker here

3.      I’m grateful it’s not so hot anymore

4.      I’m grateful for my ability to be “bored”

5.      I’m grateful for Yoga with Adriene. She’s the best!

Hint: I think if you’re bored quarantining ~ writing is a great way to pass time and air out your thoughts, especially if you don’t have any company at home, don’t feel like being on your phone or relying to talk to people. It certainly takes away my ‘need’ to talk to people (I can say with certainty right now that I’m not feeling lonely at all!)

  • Fun fact 1: I have my breakfast every day before even touching my phone (I leave it in the room because I know I will attend to it later). This stems from my burning desire to not be one of those people who are glued to their phone. I’m proud of my old Mei for forming the habit of not looking at my phone as soon as I woke up or right before bed.
  • Fun fact 2: Every morning I also try to practise conscious eating during breakfast because…you know, it’s something I’d like to master (I’ve recently noticed how much my mind wanders when I eat and it’s something I’d like to change about myself).
  • Fun fact 3: Every morning after breakfast I also begin my day by writing my life away…about how I’m feeling and the things I have gratitude for (yep I’m also trying to practise gratitude to see if it will make me generally a more positive person).

Ok…let’s get back to my day…

But before I do, let me show you the breakfast I so gratefully ate in the morning:

I’m pretty sure after writing, I devoted most of my morning to cleaning.

That literally took about 2 hours of my time.

Sadly, Flemi doesn’t have a vacuum (oh how I desperately wished she did. It would have made my life so much easier). All the had was a dustpan and a couple of brooms.

I ended up sweeping the whole floor. And we’re not just talking about sweeping with a long broom here ~ I squatted down with a tiny little dustpan and broom and slowly swept the floor, each square meter at a time.

After smart me (not) decided to do kinda the same thing with a sanitizing spray and paper towels (sorry mother earth).

By the time I was done, I really couldn’t be bothered tackling the bathroom anymore. I was done and over it.

Future Mei can worry about that.

It definitely wasn’t the most enjoyable job but at least it made me feel less guilty about not exercising (because when I stay inside all day without moving my body, I start getting  concerned how inactive I’m being.)

It also made me feel good because…cleaning can be therapeutic you know?

Now what did I do after?

Let’s see if I can actually remember that far back (I’m editing this 4 days later so it’s very hard for me to remember). Sadly I can’t remember.

All I know was that I learnt some Spanish, did my self-help book exercise, wrote my blog and did some yoga and drew. Let me show you one of my projects (and hey, don’t judge ~ I am one of the least artistic people I know lol)

I randomly decided to start doodling the other day because a friend I met on my travels inspired me to do it when she was drawing her mandalas ~ she said it was a form of meditation and I was looking for a hobby which would soothe and relax my mind.

I also know for a fact that I didn’t end up learning the lyrics of a song or have a relaxing bath.

And who could forget of course ~ Netflix to finish my night 😉

That was basically my whole day in a nutshell ~ the most exciting day of them all (lol)

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