Day 7 – The end of my first week in isolation

Now, I have no idea what time I woke up on this day…but I do remember the most exciting event of the day ~ it happened not long after I woke up.

I bumped into Max at the front and we said a brief hello.

Me: “You’re not working today?”

Max: “No not today. I’m about to go to the shops and get some food. Would you like anything?”

Me: “No I’m all pretty stocked up thank you. My parents just did a delivery with a lot of food for me the other day. And I’ve just learnt that there’s heaps of vegetables you can freeze like capsicum, beans, even avocado and spinach.”

Max: “Wow I had no idea. I think we could learn a thing or two from you. I’m just going to check if Jim wants anything.” (Jim was the other neighbour next to both of us ~ he was stuck in Quarantine as well by order because he came back from South East Asia recently)

Me: “Yeah sure no worries.”

Max knocked on his door and offered him the same.

I know eavesdropping is considered rude in Australia, but I really couldn’t help but continue to listen. I mean, what else are you going to do during quarantine right?

Jim: “Oh thank you man I really appreciate that. Can you get soup, a small coffee, cheese, milk and bananas. Oh and 2 bars of chocolate.”

It made me so curious what else Jim had in his pantry.

Then I heard him mentioning about giving him money and I couldn’t help but wonder if he gave him cash…then I started questioning: “Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of quarantine if he’s giving him money?”

Surely he would do a bank transfer…right?

I woke up feeling quite tired so I wasn’t sure exactly how productive my day would be…but regardless of the day ahead, I was feeling pretty good about the crazy cleaning I did on the floor the day before…but I needed to tackle the bathroom…(it was in the back of my mind…because I planned to have a celebration on Day 8 for making it past 7 days in isolation).

I know it’s not a huge achievement but I’m darn proud of how well I’ve handled the situation. Plus celebrating gave me something to do.

By the time I finished having breakfast, coffee and journaling, Max came back and delivered the food to Jim and I must say, I’ve never heard someone being so thankful. I swear I heard him say thank you about 10 times in the span of 2 minutes!

I couldn’t help but continue to listen to their small talk.

Jim: “How was it, were people keeping their distance?”

I couldn’t hear what the response was but the conversation proceeded somewhere along the lines of…

Jim: “I read on the news that a bus driver died from Covid in Washington.” (FYI Jim has an American accent)

Then they proceeded discussing about how bus drivers should be avoiding handling money and that everybody should be using their card instead.

I don’t know if you remember but Max is the type of guy who’s skeptical of this whole ordeal and believes it’s a conspiracy.

Jim continued: “Bus drivers aren’t there to make money. They’re servers even if they’re at a loss. There’s more to it than just making money…We’re all going socialist now.”

Max: “It’s all just panic and fear like all over the media…like 9/11”

Jim: “but it’s happening all over the world. Basically all they’re trying to do is to slow the virus….they’re trying to minimise the spread. The virus doesn’t move, we move. If we stay at home, the virus will die. If you got it and get rid of it. The virus doesn’t move, it’s we move…it’s interesting time. Hopefully it’s bloody temporary.”

Max: “Have u gone to the doctor?”

Jim: “I got to the doctor on Thursday so they give me the all clear. It can be up to 2 weeks…a small margin can be up to 2 weeks. I should be ok. Well listen thanks for that, thank you very much.”

Max: “That’s all right, it saves you form being out and about.”

They murmured more stuff and said their goodbyes ~ it was precisely 9.57AM  

An hour later, I start hearing some guitar playing in the background. It was Max! I had no idea that he played guitar.

I was so happy to hear it because basically, I love music and it was nice to hear some live music at my doorstep.

At some point in the morning when I looked in the mirror I noticed my left eye was blood-shot.


I was a little bit shocked but not scared…mainly because I didn’t feel any discomfort and I figured, there’s no point in getting stressed unless it kept persisting after a few days.

So what else did I do throughout the day?

Let’s see…

I did some light pilates, dance exercise and added in some burpees along the way (my friend and I are challenging each other to do different exercises while we’re both in isolation. I met him while we were bumming around in Da Nang, Vietnam and we’ve kept in touch with each other. He is from California, US.)

I don’t know if I mentioned before but the day before, I took the trash all the way downstairs only to realise the bins weren’t there *sigh*

Well…on this lovely day I heard the sound of a bin being dragged along the road ~ omg yass, someone was bringing in the bin!

I quickly peered out the window just to double check the bin was there and it was! I could finally take the full rubbish bin out! Yay.

Next ~ clean the bathroom, blog and continue working on my art project (I also had to recharge my phone plan because I’m stuck in no wifi land ☹)

I even managed to start practising guitar again, finishing my day with yoga, a delicious healthy dinner using the bitter melon my parents delivered to me from their garden and some productive reading (I’m also reading a book right now called Getting things done. The art of stress free productivity.)

And that was the end of my first week in isolation.

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