Day 8 – Celebrating isolation

I made it past one week of isolation! Wooo!

I slept in BAD (I woke up at 12) but I really needed it from the shit sleep I’ve been having over the past 3 days. I mean yesterday I woke up at around 6.30 because the birds were singing so loudly (those darn crows).

I was feeling pretty good…but slightly unmotivated at the same time in some way.

While eating breakfast I did my usual ~ eat, coffee, write. I decided that today would be my reward day ~ rewarding myself for making it past one week.

I wrote this in my journal:

I’ve survived one week of Quarantine…I made it past one week! It’s also the end of March. This is probably my sentimental/emotional side coming out but I feel like I need to celebrate. I know it’s not the biggest achievement but it’s an achievement nonetheless it’s a positive action. It’s self-love. It’s rewarding. It gives me something to do à an event for the day

I think I deserve it for being strong and staying positive. I have not once complained about being “stuck” or “bored”. I’m proud of myself for accepting the situation, the change so well and barely even resisting. I’m proud of myself for not being negative.

Today I will do what I truly want to do. I will only write what my heart and intuition desires down.

But first…Gratitude.

1.      I already said it but I’m grateful for my positive, surrendering attitude to the situation.

2.      I’m grateful for the temperature drop.

3.      I’m grateful I have enough space to do yoga and dance.

4.      I’m grateful I enjoy cooking in this moment.

5.      I’m grateful I slept in so much today (I woke up at practically 12 LOL à was so tired yesterday  


I continued reading a book I read last night called Getting Things Done. The author explained a strategy to become more ‘in the zone’ and more productive; a way to deal with that never-ending to-do list you had. Basically, he suggested a strategy where you write down the thing(s) you wanted to achieve/do and then list the next step you need to do to  get closer to finishing that task or achieving that goal.

I decided to give this strategy a try after breakfast just because I was curious more than anything (if I wasn’t so darn curious, I wouldn’t have bothered). Turns out there’s A LOT on my list of things to do and I have A LOT of goals I want to achieve.

The exercise took ages and rather than giving me a sense of control as the author said it would, it made me anxious. I didn’t feel in control at all and had the dreaded task of making 1000 decisions which I didn’t feel like I had to before.

All I wanted to do was relax and enjoy the day but instead, I was faced with this sense of urgency…to do things…and to make decisions.


I guess it did give me perspective (and motivation) on how I was going to go about achieving all those things I’ve wanted to do. Maybe in the long-term I’ll stop feeling like I have so much I want to do but not enough time to do them, who knows?

And just like that ~ day 8 ended up being a big fat day of organisation. I made some entries in a calendar, made a super healthy lunch and then while I was getting organised, started researching pilates and dance instructors which were highly recommended. I ended up stumbling upon the funniest dance instructor I’ve ever seen. It was well worth the laugh.

I also started reading an article about being easily distracted because I’ve noticed for as long as I can remember that I get distracted WAY too easily. It’s something that I’ve wanted to improve for as long as I can remember.

The main take-home message I got from the article was to tackle the hardest, most brain-consuming things first thing in the day and take away all your distractions in your life (they consume a lot of energy and motivation).

Did I end up getting inspired from this article?

I guess I did because the next thing I did was turn off all notifications on my phone ~ everything! From Whatsapp to Facebook to even my e-mails.

I decided to dance a little bit, practise guitar and then do some dishes (exciting stuff right?)

After that, I finally succumbed to looking at my phone and getting suckered into the social media world. One of my friends sent me the most random message ~ asking if I knew anyone or would look over a sale of property contract for her myself.

I’m not sure if I should have agreed but I did anyway.

Before I could even blink, she e-mailed me the contract she was considering signing. I downloaded it and opened the document. OMG it was 300 pages ☹ That would take me forever…but at least it would give me something to do…for the next few days anyway.

There was no way I was doing that on my relaxing day off though.

Future Mei can worry about that.

I was more in the mood to do something brainless…like doodling. I did it for a solid 10 minutes before getting distracted by writing this blog (remember how I said I get distracted easily?)

The plan was to have a bubble bath later as a reward for myself…but I just couldn’t be bothered setting it up and wasting all that water.

After eating dinner I ended up convincing myself to have that hot bath after all.

I did the dishes as the bath was filling up, lit some candles, brought my water and a book: The Happiest Refugee

The bath was so warm and welcoming. It’s like my body let out a huge sigh of relief as soon as I submerged in. I couldn’t help but close my eyes and just enjoy the feeling.

Once my body adjusted to the temperature, I picked up the book and read my life away.

It was so nice! But after a while, sweat started dripping from the top of my head.

I stayed in for about 5 minutes more before deciding it was time to get out.

All I can say is wow!

It’s hard to explain the extent of how relaxed my body felt after that. I didn’t realise it but my body really needed it.

Tip: if your body is feeling tired and you’re looking for something to do. Have a bath if you can 😉

The bath made me so relaxed that I was almost ready to sleep… but of course I was going to watch Netflix first! Sadly, I finished the last series I’d downloaded on Netflix and was only left with a whole bunch of movies (I prefer to watch series over movies). It was a tie between The Last Samurai or The Distinguished Citizen. I started watching The Last Samurai but stopped pretty much straight away because I felt like watching something in Spanish.

I don’t need to go into the details of the movie but it’s one of those sort of unsatisfying films ~ at first, I didn’t like it. But the more I thought about the ending, the more I felt like it had a very clever twist which made you play back everything in the movie. It kept you wondering what was real and what wasn’t. But overall, I don’t recommend it (lol). I’m surprised it was nominated for an Oscar to be honest ~ but I guess my understanding and appreciation for films is very basic compared to the avid film-watcher or producer.

Anyways…that was pretty much the end of my day.

I couldn’t help but pick up that book again and read a little bit more right before going to bed…

I don’t know where the time went but an hour vanished so quickly. It’s a pretty darn good book! I suspect it was probably about 1.30 or even 2AM by the time I went to bed.

And that was the end of Day 8. I did end up celebrating sanely surviving a week in isolation. That bath was definitely the highlight of my day.

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