Day 9 – a day of slowly waking up from a zombie-like sleep coma


Day 9 Quarantine – 1/4/2020. 8.30AM

Wow, we’re in April now. This year has been so weird. Last year ended well for me – but there were fires going crazy…and amidst all of that, covid was just starting. It only started becoming serious just within the last 2 months. In Australia, I’d say that it got real serious just in the last month. It was only last week or so that cafes and restaurants closed. And in the last few days, the 2 person gathering rule applied. I spoke to a girlfriend in Germany and she said they also had the 2 person rule. My friend in Barcelona is stuck inside her apartment – with police patrolling outside of her place, questioning anyone walking around without a shopping list or shopping bags. She isn’t even allowed to shop together with her housemate. Yep – they have to go one person at a time.
Despite what’s going on…for the past few days I’ve given up on reading the news…bcoz it’s all the same shit to me. I can’t wait for some good news though.

Anyway, my day has started not so good. I turned off basically all notifications on my phone last night. Normally I put my phone on silent but forgot to probably because I turned off all notifications. But it just so happened that the one thing I didn’t turn off – my messages, was the one thing which woke me up…at 6 in the bloody morning!

Seriously…who friggin messages at that time!? A bit dazes still, I couldn’t help but look. I’m too curious. It was some text message from the Government about Centrelink or something, at least there’s some progress in my application (for a moment I thought they’d forgotten about me – coz they’ve been inundated with all these people who have suddenly lost their jobs.

After quickly looking at the message, I turned my phone away and continued trying to sleep…I think I managed to get 20 more light minutes in.

Desperate to try get more sleep, I put on some meditation (Headspace is free atm) & relaxed a lil but sadly no success in getting back to sleep. By the time I was done, it was about 8 – a reasonable time to get up I suppose. I thought I felt better at first…but the more I sit here, the more I realise how shit I feel. Even the coffee I’m drinking atm isn’t really helping. I guess that means I need to have an early night tonight.

Time for some pilates before I start my day.

That was what I wrote in my journal at the beginning of day 9.

I wasn’t that hungry when I woke up so I ended up doing this killer pilates workout instead (I might have cursed a few times because my whole body was burning hard ~ my arms were still shaking even an hour after the workout).

Then I had breakfast and started replying to all the messages on my phone. I must admit, the tiredness gave me way too much motivation to procrastinate. I took my time to do everything as slowly as possible and allowed myself to be as distracted as possible.

It also sucked that in the back of my mind, I knew I had to tackle reading this 300-page contract (that my friend wanted me to review).

Who knows how long it would take me or if I even should have done it at all…


I don’t think the day was overly eventful (surprise surprise)…but there was one thing that stood out ~ a visitor, probably an electrician or something paid a resident a visit. I had no idea what was going on so I decided to eves drop (of course).

It took me a while to figure out what was going on but then I realised that she perhaps needed a hot water system replacement or something. The guy quoted the poor lady about $4.5k.

First she said: “holy shit” and then perhaps she was crying.

It sounded like he was apologising to her.

Then she started questioning his quote which led him to defensively explain why it was so expensive.

I have no idea about hot water systems but from an outsider’s perspective, it felt like this young man was taking advantage of a poor lady…but that’s just the feeling I got.

While I was sitting there, my mind started to wander and reminisce about when I worked at Little Creatures. It made me sorely miss working really bad. Then I started getting feelings of missing my family and being at home ~ I truly can’t wait until these 14 days are over so I can be with my family again.


It felt like a huge wave of exhaustion smacked me in the face and almost knocked me out.

Perhaps it was time to eat? Maybe I should have a siesta?

Nah, I’ll take a break.

I quickly heated up leftovers again, basically what I had for dinner last night plus a fried egg

And then continued drinking my second coffee of the day.

I got side-tracked on my phone (again) and then started doodling a pattern I started working on a couple of days before.

No judgment please – I’m not an artist and am only doing this in my spare time as a meditative practice 😉


Then I opened a message I which I regretted opening:

I totally forgot that we agreed to give each other exercise challenges every day.

It was definitely something I wasn’t in the mood for especially after being so tired and doing a hard session of pilates this morning. And when I’m tired…I start eating, a lot. Maybe it’s my subconscious desperately trying to get an energy kick. I definitely had my fair share of almond and cashew nuts.

Why not before tackling the contract right?







The moment of truth: tackling the contract from hell

All I can say was…




After reading the first 40 pages I wanted to pass out. I was so exhausted. I had to take another break.

I had a coffee and then had a shower to wake myself up ~ it certainly helped but the more I read the more I realised doing this job was way beyond my scope of knowledge. She needed a lawyer with lots of experience in property I connected her with an old colleague of mine.

I was so relieved to handball the responsibility to someone else.

So what now?

In my head, it was my plan to spend all hours of the day looking through this contract…but since I got rid of it, all those hours became free again.


Now normally, when I feel groggy and tired like I did that day, I can’t be bothered doing anything at all…except for eat and binge watch Netflix. But what else was I going to do?

I built the courage to do those exercises that my friend sent me ~ tough but they actually made me feel slightly better.

I felt energetic enough to continue on ~ ok, let’s do this: dance workout and even yoga after.

I couldn’t believe it. I felt really good after. Like my body had finally come out of this zombie-coma!

I realised earlier that day that I was supposed to move out on Tuesday (7/4) but got it wrong and told him to pick me up on Wednesday.

Me (via text): “Dad, I actually realised that I can leave on Tuesday. Do you mind to pick me up on Tuesday instead of Wednesday?”

No reply.

That was strange. Usually he replied straight away.

About an hour later, I received a call…from my dad:

Dad (in Mandarin): “I can pick you up on Tuesday. Don’t walk around so much otherwise you might fined”.

Just to give you a little bit of background: I came to Perth from Melbourne just before WA did a ‘soft’ border close (they officially closed the border completely later). If I arrived on Tuesday 24 March 2020 after 1.30pm, I’d get a lovely order from the government telling me to quarantine for 14 days or I would be isolated.

I arrived on the Tuesday 24 March 2020 at 12:00AM – 13 and a half hours before they imposed this law.

Somehow my friends and family have got this all mixed up and think that I’m under a government order to be under quarantine when I’m doing it on my own will just to take a precautionary step in case anyone on the plane had covid.

Basically my parents are older and I don’t want to put them at risk, especially because my dad and mum are more susceptible because they have high blood pressure.

Me: “Dad, I have no order from the government for quarantining. I’m doing this just as a precaution and I don’t walk around very much anyway.”

Dad: “Oh ok. Well you still shouldn’t be walking around anyway.”

Me: “Trust me, I’m not walking around very much.”

Dad: “Are there many people when you walk around?”

Me: “No, there’s barely anyone.” (It’s almost like a ghost town)

By the time we’d finished clarifying my situation and saying our goodbyes, it was time for dinner. And boy was I happy with dinner ~ I cooked the best meal…ever!


It was so fresh, delicious and perfectly cooked.

I had the biggest foodgasm in history. Everything was so perfect and everything complemented each other perfectly too ~ the flavours, the textures. I slowly appreciated and devoured my food.

To end the night, I watched The Last Samurai and continued reading The Happiest Refugee ~ enjoying every moment of it.

It was such a great movie – I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a movie to watch during isolation. It depicts the old Japanese world beautifully and gives you this window into what it was like in the world of samurais and ninjas.

Even though my day started off slow…it ended so beautifully ~ if you’re feeling in a negative, never let it carry with you throughout the day, because you have no idea what’s around the corner or how your day will unfold. I certainly didn’t think I was going to have an enjoyable day 😉 

Peace and love


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