Day 10 Quarantine – slowly relaxing into an apartment symphony

Omg 4 more days to go…well 5 including this one. I seriously cannot wait to go home! I know it’s basically me moving from quarantining in one place to another…but at least I will have the company of my parents, a garden, the silence of the suburbs and a backyard. I will have more space (and more cooking utensils).

I’ve decided to have a pretty relaxing day today after waking up (very late at 10 AM) and having sore muscles. The Pilates workout I did yesterday seriously killed me. I truly hated it while I was doing it but managed to force myself to push through and finish the darn thing (the instructor has a charming way of motivating you to finish). Now I feel great and some muscles I hadn’t used in a while got a serious workout.

I honestly forgot how good it feels after work out hard and breaking a sweat 😊

The first thing I noticed when I woke up were 2 of the hermit crabs were taking a bath and soaking in water (yep in case you forgot I’m looking after some hermit crabs). I was so relieved when I saw that because just the other day, I was pretty worried one was dead.

That day, I stared at them for long enough to notice one wasn’t moving at all.

Now, I’m no expert on hermit crabs. I’ve never had any before in my life…so it was only natural for me, a naïve hermit-crab sitter to genuinely think that he…or she…already said goodbye to the small little world.

I even Googled “how can you tell if a hermit crab is dead?”

Since I started quarantine, I haven’t noticed them eating or drinking much.

But perhaps…maybe it’s simply because I’m not used to looking after hermit crabs.

Fun fact: Dr Google says that hermit crabs can survive for 2 weeks without food or water.

Dr Google also implied (via PETA) that having hermit crabs as pets is incredibly cruel…hmm. So much for suggesting hermit crabs as pets to my friend instead of fish :/

OK…enough about fish….and hermit-crab death scares.

Let’s delve into my super exciting day of quarantine (*insert sarcastic tone*)

What did I end up doing???

Let’s see…nothing really that out of the ordinary…

The most exciting thing which happened in the morning was that that it was raining. Oh…and eavesdropping on residents complaining to each other about another resident parking his unused motorbike in a particular spot.

They both wanted him to move his bike.

I’m not sure exactly why they wanted him to move it ~ but I suspect that maybe the bike was kinda blocking a walkway or space that could have been used by another car

The lady that was speaking said she left a note on his door (she sounds like she’s the caretaker or something)

I’m going to be blunt with you and openly admit that I don’t like living apartments anymore…

But it definitely adds a little bit of spice to a rather mundane situation during quarantine.

I don’t know why but I started thinking about social media and the news and realised that I hadn’t been paying attention to the news at all in the past few days. At that particular time of my life ~ I literally had no idea what was going on in Australia, let alone the world.

If I had checked, I would have expected nothing new ~ more confirmed cases and deaths around the world and more restrictions on people.

I think I stopped reading and searching for information on coronavirus because to me, it’s nothing new anymore. It’s the same shit over and over again. Quite frankly, I’m sick of it ~ I think my brain is subconsciously protecting me from all the negativity.

Personally, I don’t think it achieves anything but instilling fear and anxiety right now.

I’ll be ready for the news when there’s some real development or something positive (though I do like the positive environmental impact)!

Guess what? I had time to write in real-time on Day 10! And I’m gonna share it with you 😉

12.20pm – Thursday 2 April 2020

It’s now 12.20pm and I still don’t feel like doing much. All I know is the next thing I’m going to do after this is play some guitar.

I’m starting to feel a bit cabin fevery from sitting on this chair for the past hour or two and not moving my body ~ my head feels cloudy and cloggy (clogged)


I have a shower and then organised the kitchen a little bit. Ok I lied, all I did was move some desiccated coconut from the packet into a container


I played some guitar and my stomach started pleading it was hungry to me halfway through. I was determined to at least do 10 minutes before caving into my body’s needs.


I made my last salad ever during Quarantine period. You’re probably wondering why on earth am I being so dramatic and having my ‘last salad’. It’s only because I’ve completely run out of salad ingredients by now.

All I had left in the fridge for salad was 4 tomatoes, 1.5 carrots, avocadoes and parsley that was mostly dead.

So there u have it – I got fresh ingredients, most of them from when Flemi bought it and not my parents and it’s lasted me 10 days. All other vegetables that could be frozen I have except the tomatoes. To be honest, I’m pretty impressed with how long they lasted. Although I know deep down it’s not necessarily a positive thing when fruits and vegetables last this long ~ it means they’ve been covered/smeared/injected with some sort of a preservative

After this day, I have to start relying on frozen vegetables…

I didn’t really care about lunch to be honest ~ all I could think about was dinner à I couldn’t wait to have that delicious salmon and those vegies again (that I cooked the night before).

But I had to feed my stomach with what I had

I ended up making this salad ~ it had cucumber, tomato, chopped walnuts, hemp seeds, coriander, avocado, carrots drizzled with olive oil and fresh lemon juice

I was pleasantly surprised because I didn’t expect it to taste that good. If I owned a cafe, I would have definitely added this to the menu.

Remember all that discussion I made about not keeping up to date with the news?

Well, I ended up getting suckered into reading the news after all.

As I suspected, there wasn’t nothing new ~ more confirmed cases and restrictions. Australia just went past 5000 confirmed cases.

It’s starting to look like Europe. We are definitely following the trend. It does make me wonder how many people are ignoring the precautions we’re supposed to take. It also made me wonder if anyone on that plane I went on had coronavirus.

When you read bad news that’s close to home, you can’t help but wonder if it’s come to your doorstep. I know one person that personally knows someone who got affected by the virus. His colleague’s boyfriend was tested positive very recently.

Then I started wondering ~ did his colleague get tested as well? Was she positive? Did she pass it to my friend? And did he pass it to me?

Thankfully I am not showing any symptoms at all ~ after 10 days!


I started drawing because I felt like it. As I started to draw, it started pouring down with rain ~ a strange site for Perth. It was so sunny just a moment ago


I worked on my blog and made a post on Instagram

While it was still raining, I saw some movement in the window. Now, being confined to 4 walls for so long makes u curious when anything is happening in the outside world. I got up to have a look and noticed that the neighbours across the road in the top apartment were quickly moving things around on their balcony to protect a rug they had outside or something from the rain.

I guess that was interesting?

While I was standing up, I realised that I felt a little bit of cabin fever creeping into my cloudy mind (so much for not exercising, I hate this feeling!)

I must do yoga soon!

And that’s exactly what I did an hour later. Luckily, the workout wasn’t too hard even though made my body tremble and my arms burn a little bit.

6.00pm – dinner time. Yay!

Dammit I forgot to prepare the rice! If I had been the slightest bit more organised I could have eaten dinner straight after yoga but noo…I had to cook some rice first.

While I was waiting, I started some heavy reading  ~ it seriously felt like I was studying when reading it ~ I needed to concentrate so hard to digest it…but that became near impossible because not long after picking up the book,  someone in the apartment started playing the guitar and harmonica. It sounded really nice so I turned off my own music to enjoy a little bit of live music from the apartment ~ why not hey?

Where is that sound coming from?

The harder I listened, the more it sounded like it was coming from my neighbour Max’s house. He occasionally plays the guitar.

Maybe it is him? (insert shocked emoji)

I peeped out the window and realised it was him!

Wow, he’s playing the harmonica and guitar at the same time!

I definitely was surprised and impressed because if you just walk past this guy, you wouldn’t think it ~ you’d just see him as an average Joe.

6.40pm – let the symphony begin

The guitar and harmonica stops…but then someone starts playing the piano.

I’m pretty sure it was Max as well.


A little later, the piano stops and then someone else is playing a flute and a trombone.

Omg seriously?

It wasn’t Max this time but someone else…

Was today supposed to be a live symphony concert or something?

It was really beautiful but made it so hard to concentrate on my book. Even at one stage I couldn’t help myself but sing along when they were playing Hey Jude by the Beatles.

6.45 – dinner date with myself

Dinner was delicious but sadly didn’t taste as satisfying as the day before. Oh well. It was still good nonetheless.

I was still trying to read my book after dinner but Max was watching television so loudly that it was permeating through all the walls of my apartment. I ended up playing some music to drown it out.

Eventually I gave up reading my book.

It was too much for my brain

I decided to browse my phone for a little bit after and then ended my night with a good old movie on Netflix ~ Gun City (don’t bother watching it. I only watched it because it was Spanish and I adored one of the actors in the movie).

And that was the end of Day 10 ~ a rather colourful quarantine day.

I hope you enjoyed!

Peace & love…

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