Quarantine Day 11 ~ when I start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

Journal Entry – 3/4/2020. FRIDAY

I woke up this morning…eyes filled with water, my mind – groggy.

It was so hard for me to figure out/remember what day it was today (even though I’ve been writing these daily journals). Everything is really starting to look like a blur now.

I’m pretty sure someone last night was watching TV really loud. They were far away but I could ever so slightly hear it in the background. It kept me up.

How am I feeling today?

You know those memes circulating about the 9 stages of Quarantine? Well I feel like I’m in the 9th stage of Quarantine today.

Even less motivated than yesterday. But I will exercise today because my muscles are feeling better…

The rest of my journal entry consisted me blabbering about my breakfast and dislike of frozen blueberries…oh and my 5 items of gratitude (which I will not share today).

Source: Facebook (unknown) I felt like I was at stage 9 on this day

Now, you probably remember in my last blog me talking about having my last salad ever (during quarantine)…

But just in case you don’t remember or didn’t read that blog ~ to refresh your memory: I’m at a stage now where I’ve used up all my fresh vegetables and the only vegies I have left are frozen capsicum, beans, pumpkin and roast vegetables.

Basically I have no more fresh green stuff. I froze as much as I could to preserve that nutrient goodness.

Ok I might not have been 100% accurately honest when saying that ~ I still have some longer life vegetables hanging around like sweet potato, onions, garlic…and a very small portion of tomatoes and carrots in the fridge. But when I say fresh and green…I mean things like cucumber, lettuce, capsicum.

The stuff you usually put in the fridge.

Anyway ~ it’s actually not really that important and I don’t know why I’ve rambled on about it…the point of me is to simply tell you that tonight, I’ve decided to make some sort of a chickpea curry and naan (using some of these frozen goodies I have).

But I have a slightly small issue ~ I didn’t entirely plan what I’d cook when Flemi asked me what groceries I wanted. I had no idea that I would decide to make curry today. And because of that, I completely forgot to ask both Flemi and my parents for coconut milk ~ the key ingredient for curry.


What am I going to do?

I wasn’t going to change the dish I decide on…because well, I’m too stubborn for that.

Let’s see what Google says ~ Substitutes for coconut milk for curry.

It says you can use soy milk!

Awesome. I’d opened a box of soy milk and needed to use it up before it went off. I was curious to see how a curry would taste with soy milk instead of coconut milk.

This was my thoughts in the morning ~ I was already planning dinner (lol yep, I love food too much and it’s constantly on my mind).

Now that dinner was settled, I had to tackle a more prominent food dilemma:

What am I going to have for lunch today? 


(aren’t we lucky to be in a life where even during quarantine, we have so much choice about what we can eat?)

Right before lunch, I took an extra long shower and submitted a job application to one of the very few companies at the moment which are offering jobs.

I used to work for this company so I thought I’d have an easy advantage of getting the job. Plus, it looks like the government really wasn’t moving fast enough to financially support me.

I submitted the application which took a whole maybe 20 minutes, did some Spanish language practice and then enrolled into a speed reading course.

From 4pm, I decided it was time to do a workout ~ my brain was not getting any less foggy.

I was feeling quite delirious and “floaty”.

Had cabin fever finally hit me???

The plan was to start with a little dance routine, hop into another killer pilates workout, finish with yoga… while slipping in my friend Andy’s workout challenge somewhere (in case you didn’t read my previous blog ~ I met a guy in Vietnam which I’ve kept in touch with and we randomly decided to send each other daily exercise challenges during the covid quarantine crisis to spice up life a little).

He gave me the following challenge:

The dance challenge was fun but omg Andy’s challenge literally killed me. The pilates workout was no exception either – I even managed to score a few butt cramps at times.

About halfway through the workout, I seriously couldn’t wait for it to all be over…

But you know what?

Even though I hated it and wanted to give up…I kept pushing myself and kept going…and I felt so much better after.

And guess what else?

My brain fog disappeared!

It was then and there that I had one of those “Ah huh!” or “Ahhhhhh!” like I’ve finally understood something after ALL THIS TIME moments!

~ All those times my brain has felt cloudy, my body has simply been screaming:

“Give me a bloody healthy dose of exercise you fat slob!”

Honestly, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to figure it out.

You think I would have already realised after reading so many times about exercise helping to clear your mind and all that jazz.

Sigh, all those brain blocks and days of tired uni should have been treated with a healthy dose of pilates or cadio instead of drinking cup after cup of coffee. At times, I was so tired that I could barely even read one page of anything.

Oh well, such is life. Better late than never right?

I just hope I can keep up this motivation once things get back to normal and my life is inundated with, well you know, life…especially once I get a desk job.

After I almost died, I started making dinner before doing yoga.

Yay, curry time!!!

It made sense let the curry simmer while doing yoga.

Things were looking good and all the taste tests I made kept blowing my mind away…but I couldn’t help but worry about the soy milk curdling while I was doing yoga.

I had to stop the video a few times to check and give the pot a little stir…

I couldn’t truly relax and be in the moment of yoga which kinda sucked…but you know what?

It was 100% worth it because the dish was another one of my foodgasm-gastronomical experiences. I was so happy and proud with how it tasted ~ especially after veering off recipe and added a few extra things in.

I also learnt that you can use lime rind as a substitute for basil (oh how I miss my basil plant).

At the time of writing this, it’s now 7.33pm.

I must say, I’m quite happy with how productive my day has been and how delicious my dinner was 😊

It was just…so good that I had to go for seconds.

After dinner, it was the usual case of procrastinate with social media on my phone, watch a movie on Netflix and some light reading before bed.

The issue with having wi-fi and a small internet plan on your phone is that you have limited options to what you can watch. I frantically downloaded as many movies and series as I could but unfortunately, somehow all the series failed to download and I was simply left with only movies.

And unfortunately…most of the movies I’ve downloaded so far haven’t been that enjoyable.

I watched about half of a movie called Roma ~ about the life of a poor maid in Mexico in the time of political and civil turmoil…but it bored me. I kept waiting and waiting for something super dramatic to happen but the movie was just so slow moving. I ended up fast forwarding it and watching small clips to get an idea of how the story ended. It was sad. The girl got impregnated by a guy which abandoned her as soon as she announced she was pregnant, her water broke in the middle of being held up by that guy who abandoned her, and her baby was born still.

I figured I had enough time to try to find at least a good short movie and got suckered into watching another one called The Fury of a Patient Man. It was only slightly better but nothing fascinating. The storyline was weak ~ man’s family gets killed and seriously injured and gets revenge on the guys responsible.

I felt so unsatisfied by the time I was done with Netflix.

So much for a nice movie night.

I decided to finish my night with the book which I know I would enjoy but the only problem was that I got way too suckered in…so much to the point where time just disappeared and before I knew it, it was almost 2AM.


It was way past my bed time.

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